Taper Bushes

Tapered bushings facilitate installation and quick removal of transmission elements, eliminating play between shaft and bore.

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XL Group is a professional company engaged in the design and production of mechanical transmission parts.XL Group sells its products to Italy, Germany, Japan and other countries, and has established friendly trade cooperation relations with them.The company has always adhered to the business philosophy of "focus on what we can, high efficiency and quality", and is committed to providing good products and services to customers.The company's main products are taper bushes, timing pulleys, sprockets, gears, couplings and other mechanical components.

First step

Ensure the mating surfaces are clean and free from oil and dirt. Insert the bush into the hub so that the securing holes are aligned.

Second step

Lightly oil the thread of the screws and place them loosely into the threaded holes of the hub as shown in the diagram.

Third step

Clean the shaft and fit the hub and bush to the shaft as one unit in the desired position.the hub will then be drawn slightly on to the bush.

Fourth step

Using an Allen key or socket wrench, gradually and alternately tighten the screws, repeating the process until tight.

Fifth step

To achieve the best balance, if a key is not used, position the keyways in the bush and hub diametrically opposite to each other.

Sixth steps

Running for a short time, check the tightness of the screws.Finally, fill all empty holes with grease to exclude dirt and prevent corrosion.

Tapered Bushing - Installation

Our Popular Products

Taper bushing is one of the most convenient and economical way to secure a part to a mating shaft without the use of any special tools.A taper bushing quickly aligns or locks the pulley, sprocket or toothed coupling to the drive shaft.

Taper Bushes

Taper bushes allow easy mounting and quick removal of the transmission elements, thus eliminating the clearance between shaft and bore. Wide range of different models of taper bushes, each with a wide range of bore diameters and different types of keyway.

Taper Lock Bushes

Taper lock bushes are tapered, non-flanged, split bushings that utilize screws to tighten them to the shaft, thus providing excellent clamping force.These bushes are utilized on pulleys and sprockets to increase the clamping force over standard bored-to-size products that only use a keyway and set screw to lock onto the shaft.

Flange taper lock bush

Flange taper lock bush is available in different sizes and shapes. These are suitable for a specific environment as per the requirement of the industry. These are available in both standards as well as customized variations. Due to excellent quality and flexibility, this flange taper lock bush is used hugely in various industrial fields.

QD Bushing

QD bushing that is also known as the quick-disconnect bushing is featured with a split tapered flange.The primary feature for which QD bushing is widely used is the easy removal and installation process. These are available with clamp true fit mentions a secure clam fit along with a colossal holding capacity.

Taper Bore Bushing

Built to withstand high torque capacity applications, taper bore bushings are split bushings that utilize set screws to lock on shafts in addition to keyways. The split, flangeless design and narrow hub creates a small center of load that further improves their torque capacities.Taper lock bush is a new type of mechanical coupling components.

Split Taper Bushings

Split taper bushings are utilized in a broad range of sheaves, conveyor pulleys, and sprockets. Our split taper bushings are manufactured from high-grade steel,designed as a flanged bushing with a tapered barrel attached that contains one slit on each side. Split taper bushings are amongst the most common bushings utilized due to their high integral strength, simplicity of install and uninstall.

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